Cancelled: Preview

Last spring, when we exposed a male photographer for his inexcusable behavior towards us as professionals and towards us as women, a lot of The Audacity’s followers were on board.

There were some, however, that tried to drown us out with calls of “cancel culture”, and tried to convince us to redact our story because we might impact the boy’s life. Naturally, we weren’t interested in reneging.

We are interested in justice, and fairness, and in making that for ourselves when it is taken or obscured. We are not interested in lying, or obscuring the truth, in order to protect any man or human with poor behavior.

Why are people so interested in victim blaming, in policing proven accounts, in defending the reputation of people with bad and harmful behavior? I don’t believe there’s a wrong way to come forward with a story about how someone caused you harm. I don’t believe there’s a wrong way to shine a light on injustice or cruelty.

This whole episode reminded Maiya of Chicago—the drama of dancing around the subject, the spotlights, the tenderness of being open, the harshness of an audience.

We continue to carve beauty out of catastrophe. We won’t be silenced. If you do us wrong, we will hold you accountable—and we’ll do it on stage, where everyone can see it.


Photographer: Gabrielle Aguilar

Models: Maiya Evans, Cruz Rendon, Bella Knoth

HMUA: Maiya Evans

Creative direction by Maiya Evans

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