Alone: Preview

The Importance of Alone Time

Being alone gives you access to the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind. It allows you the chance to know how you feel and what you think without the opinions of bystanders. It allows you to acquaint yourself with the most beautiful, pure part of you - the part that will always exists regardless of the personalities you surround yourself with.

But to some, this can be a very daunting reality. Some people find comfort in the fluidity that their persona acquires when it exists solely floating in space from social situation to situation, never being pinned down into one corner. But what happens when these individuals find themselves alone, in a quiet room; when they’ve simply too much energy to call it a day? When they are, for the first time in a very long while, forced to reckon with the raging rapids that their fluid thoughts have become?

Speaking from experience, it’s actually something quite magical…

-excerpt from article by Joseph Wilson


MODEL: Maya Fawaz


HMUA: Mariam Ali

The printed series will feature illustrations from Sonia Margolin and Marg Gerik

The Audacity