By the Work of Your Hands: Preview

Deep underground survive the oldest paintings created by humans, created some forty thousand years ago in paleolithic caves. Although the caves of El Castillo in Spain and Pettakere in Indonesia are eight thousand miles apart, separated by three seas, the images our paleolithic predecessors chose to paint are eerily similar––among them, hundreds upon hundreds of hands.

Why have hands been such a focus for millenia of artists? Our hands can tell us about who we are––our age, religion, occupation, or our aesthetic choices––so it is no wonder they have been the obsession of artists since the beginning of a visual tradition itself. Hands give us the means to create and to destroy, to feel the unique textures and materials in our world and understand what surrounds us, giving us knowledge…

-excerpt from article by Renee Johnson

Photographer: Bethony Harden, Capture House Photography

Models: Erin Kuykendall, Maiya Evans, Ebanie Griffith, Arden Frank, Melina Perez, Clarence Yuan

The Audacity