Earth Angels: Preview

Angels are our gentle guardians. They radiate love and kindness towards all of humanity. Sadly, our friends in the clouds have largely been characterized as white. Earth Angel aims to not only dispel these destructive stereotypes, but also to integrate a nuanced narrative of sensitivity and blackness. Black men are too often portrayed as rough, unfeeling, and threatening. This piece challenges perceptions of black masculinity through these popular heavenly representations. Black men are not thugs, or gangsters, or criminals. Black men are emotionally complex, and they deserve to display sensitivity without being scrutinized or emasculated.

Reclaiming black masculinity isn’t aggressively asserting dominance, but rather an acceptance of humanity and an embracing of emotional expression.

-Christian Kenoly

Photographer: Taylor Hall

Models: Christian Kenoly

HMUA: Maiya Evans

Stylist: Christian Kenoly, Maiya Evans

Clothing provided by Revival Vintage and Blue Elephant Boutique

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