La Sirena: Preview

“Con los cantos de sirena no te vayas marear”

Don’t become dizzy with the songs of the mermaid.

Lotería is a game that is played in Latinx homes amongst family and friends, and stems from Mexican culture and history. The cards are oftentimes presented to players with a joke or riddle, with 54 cards in a deck that portray different characters and meanings.

La Sirena, in particularcaptivated us. Her accompanying ‘riddle’ is usually interpreted as a warning against letting yourself get carried away with emotion and advises you to keep a clear head. Much like sirens throughout history who had the power to lure sailors and ocean wanderers to their doom, La Sirena calls to players to let themselves get carried away.

So let yourself get swept away by the current. As women, oftentimes we’re labelled and dismissed as emotional, as if it’s a weakness. That’s a lie. Take La Sirena‘s hand and jump into the ocean you are a part of. Let your own power seduce you, wash forward, and drown the nonbelievers.


Photographer: Alexa Ray

Models: Melina Perez, anonymous

HMUA: Maiya Evans

The Audacity