Lest We Forget: Preview

Once again, with this shoot, we’re holding our cards close to our chest–you’ll see the other images in print only!

“While we cannot deny the subjective beauty of these paintings and the technical prowess with which they were executed, we must also acknowledge the ugly truth behind the canon of art history. Past art historians have chosen pieces of “classic” or “influential” art that put forth a singular idea of beauty and power centered around whiteness. When looking at these pieces–– the Mona Lisa, the Girl with the Pearl Earring, Venus d’Urbino, or the Birth of Venus––many questions of identity and agency arise. Who gets to be painted? Who deserves to be shown as beautiful? Clearly only rich and powerful, or sexually alluring but subservient, white people…We must complicate beauty by acknowledging that it is draped in slime…”

-excerpt from an article by Renee Johnson


Photographer: Rachael Henson

HMUA: Mariah Becerra

Models: Kelly McComas, Erin Kuykendall, Nadia Pinter, Stephen Jeter

slime provided by Rachael Henson

The Audacity