Leyendas de Nuestra Niñez: Preview

Culture is all about shared experiences and for Latinos, growing up meant hearing stories that terrified us as children. When your parents would tell you to go sleep porque si no va venir el cucuy a comerte? We knew they weren’t playing, the Latino boogeyman was no joke, and we weren’t about to find out. We all know urban legends don’t have to be rooted in fact for them to be spread like wildfire, and most of them hold nuggets of history from the communities or countries they derive from. Fear is a funny thing, and sometimes fear leads to creative escapes through stories…

-excerpt from an article by Yessenia Herrera

Photographer: David Spector

HMUA: Maiya Evans

Styling: Brian Helm

Models: Melina Perez, Mattison Gotcher, Rho Garcia, Ebanie Griffith

Clothing provided by Blue Elephant Boutique & Revival Vintage

The Audacity