Milagros: Preview


According to the New York Times, the number of migrant children currently in federal border camps is at an all-time high: 12,800 this month.

As we Austinites especially know, ICE has been out in full force since the new presidency and is terrorizing our communities, hunting down any trace of ethnicity and disrupting family life. Many children are avoiding schools while their parents miss work, all out of the very real fear of the hatred growing in our country.

Donald Trump is deporting more long-term residents from the US than ever before. He and his followers are tearing up roots and sowing racism and hatred into the freshly opened ground.

To be blunt: in recent history, it has never been so dangerous to simply exist as a Latinx/Hispanic person in the United States. To walk out of your doors every morning is an act of bravery, the offering up of a prayer that today you will be protected, a silent call for the miracle of grace in a world that is against you.

These three models were asked to write down their prayers [featured in the printed issue]–be it for themselves, their communities, their families, or whatever else.

They are, themselves, no small miracles.


Photographer: Taylor Hall

Models: Emily Nash, Miguel, Ruby Meza

HMUA: Maiya Evans

The Audacity