Radical Women

Muslims—they’re all around us. Don’t believe me? Look around for yourself! There were 3.3 million Muslims of all ages living in America as of 2015. That’s like, over 3 million Muslims! They’re in our neighborhoods, going to our schools, shopping at our grocery stores, and eating our Doritos Locos Tacos™. And you know, at least half of those Muslims have got to be women. My Doritos Locos Taco™ is sacred, and I don’t want some radical Muslim lady with a taste for nacho cheese getting her hands on it. Wake up sheeple. These people are here, they’re citizens (at least 77 percent of them are), and they WILL be eating Doritos…

Excerpt from article by Maryam Amjadi

Photographer: Bethony Harnden (Capture House Photography)

Models: Halina Haider, Maryam Amjadi

HMUA: Saumya Gupta

Stylists: Erin Kuykendall

Assistants: Clarence Yuan, Winchester the Dog

Clothing provided by City Girl Beach Bum Jewelry, Friends and Neighbors

The Audacity