Redrum: Preview

At first, our new political landscape seemed like a dream. When the results came in, they poured down our screens and into our living rooms as a waterfall of red, a wave which reached everywhere, chasing us down hallways and waking us from our slumber. Like young Danny Torrance, we were told this new experience would simply be something to get used to. But we could see the past as well as the future.

It still seems surreal, trying to navigate this maze, seeing things that could not be fathomed in the daylight we have left behind. Some believed the darkness of this nation had been overcome, without realizing that it haunts us still. Some are acutely aware of the horrors that lay in wait, like Danny, who today could be a young black woman. The ghost of an evil past has come to reclaim what never belonged to him, while prejudice and ignorance walk hand-in-hand down the long corridor, intent on dismembering everything we hold different, special, free…

-excerpt from piece by Renee Johnson

Photographer: Moses Lee

Model: Arri Caviness, Ebanie Griffith, Hillary Henrici, Nadia Pinter

HMUA: Jessica Teran

Stylists: Arden Frank, Melina Perez

Assistants: Maiya Evans, Erin Kuykendall

Clothing provided by Revival Vintage

The Audacity