"Renaissance, Sucka!" : Preview

It’s Renaissance, Sucka!

Imagine Pam Grier as the Mona Lisa. Besides the kickass painting that would make, this concept would create a very contrary message to what is currently expressed through classic art. ‘Renaissance’ art is supposed to depict sensitivity and natural humanity. ‘Renaissance’ coincidentally depicts a very singular expression of white people. Although we recognize that the 14th century in Europe wasn’t a popular time for artistic racial diversity, we still hold these portrayals to an extremely high regard today. Renaissance, Sucka! is more than just planting black people in this particular artistic paradigm, while simultaneously referencing and juxtaposing the stereotypical characterization of black womanhood in blaxploitation films. It’s about establishing nuanced black sensitivity that deserves to be revered as much as white humanity….

-excerpt from an article by Christian Kenoly


PHOTOGRAPHER: Caitlin Rounds

HMUA: Shanell Henry

STYLIST: Maiya Evans

MODEL: Tosin Anjorin, Victoria Jameson Nonnon

The Audacity