The Making of Smoking Gun

Here is our smoking gun, our corpus of evidence: there is space in the in-between. Our world is made up of rigid lines, and nowhere is this clearer than with the aggressive gendering of daily life. Somehow pink and blue have replaced personalities and self-presentation has taken a back seat to which boxes we fill on someone else’s chart.

Surrounded by an ethereal fog, the models dance in the intermittence of the tangible and the felt, in between two states of matter. We believe this is the space that counts. We asked the models to shake, and watched as the dust of these fences fell. There is very rarely room for haze in the world, for reassessments or re-imaginings; for the indistinguishable yet mesmerizing qualities of life.

These pictures are intended to force a visual reconsideration of the need to label “masculine” or “feminine.” They are intended to provide a moment of arrest in which labels do not matter. We hope, in creating these moments, to present a beautiful person—regardless of gender.


Models: George Coello, Ian DeVoglaer, Elias Hinojosa

Photographer: Moses Lee

HMUA: Christine Rafie

Stylist: Erin Kuykendall

The Audacity