The New Stepford: Preview

Dale Coba: [Joanna is brewing coffee] I like to watch women doing little domestic chores.

Joanna Eberhart: You came to the right town.

The Stepford Wives, 1975

It’s not so much that times are changing. It’s more as if the fog is slowly receding, a flickering lamp held against the curtain as it pulls away from our neighborhoods. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you can see clearly into the house of your neighbor.

What you see isn’t always a white woman making a casserole for her white husband and 2.5 kids.

In our neighborhood, what you see is what’s always been but has been covered. The new and real Stepford is every neighborhood in the US. It’s women loving women, black women, Arab women, Latina women, all women of color and religion, trans women, non-binary people, trans men, men of color, men who love men, and everyone who can agree that basic respect and freedom is what every single person unequivocally must be given.

The New Stepford is vibrant and it violently resists the dangerous implications of an administration who would try and erase us.

Identities are complicated and nuanced, and our roles within the modern household must also reflect these varying shades.

And no, officer, we have no idea who poisoned our wealthy conservative husbands.


Photographer: Kate Mulligan

Models: SJ Anderson, Maiya Evans, Erin Kuykendall, Anna Strother, Tosin Anjorin, Meagan Otten

HMUA: Mariam Ali, Maiya Evans, Anna Strother

Stylist: Meagan Otten

Clothing Provided by Revival Vintage

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