To the Stars by Hard Ways: Preview

For the past twenty years, members of the feminist movement have worked tirelessly, fighting for equal pay, reproductive rights, and a woman’s right to choose. These issues are undeniably important, but they don’t account for the multiplex problems faced by many transfeminine, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. These individuals may or may not present as feminine, but identity goes deeper than presentation. Regardless, the future of feminism absolutely depends upon the inclusion and acceptance of gender nonconforming people. Let’s take a deeper look into what it means to live and exist as queer  in 2017…

-excerpt from article by Jayce Chandler

Photographer: Tony Redmer

Models: Brandon Weber, Yessenia Herrera, Lindsey Scott,

Hair/Makeup: Maiya Evans, Mariah Becerra

Assistants: Clarence Yuan, Arden Frank, Catalina Casar

Styling: Erin Kuykendall, Melina Perez

Clothing by Top Drawer, Revival Vintage, & Ermine’s

The Audacity